a Kind of Refugee / 21.07.2022 Part 1

Dear Readers, Friends, The past weeks have been full of activity. I recorded a video-address in English, sitting on the ruins of a hotel in Mykolaiv, urging listeners to support Ukraine’s military. I wrote an OpEd (months after Marusia first urged me to) on why Ukraine keeps asking for military aid; it’s still awaiting publication. I’ve been in Ukraine’s west, south, center, always passing through Odesa. So many conversations with new people, trains, a seaside dacha, car rides, and chance encounters. All so rich with unrecorded details. A couple visits from old friends from Kyiv in Mykolaiv, and a walk around Kyiv’s dear, familiar streets with a Mykolaiv friend. The war isn’t going anywhere, and more dimensions of my longer, more extensive life are reactivating and reconfiguring to meet whatever lies ahead.

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